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Training with Chelsea 

April - November (Wales, Maine) | January - March (Ocala, Florida)

If you’re interested in putting your horse in training with Chelsea, you’ve come to the right place!


The training program is very individualized and is built around both a horse's needs and an owner's goals. Chelsea puts together a plan with each owner, which evolves as training progresses.

Check out the FAQ below for details. 


training FAQ

What’s included in training board?

  • Five training sessions per week

  • Full care board (hay, grain, and daily care) 

What’s not included in training board?

  • Farrier and veterinarian expenses 

  • Any supplements you feed your horse 

  • Cost of shipping your horse to Chelsea (whether in Maine or Florida) 

  • Cost of trailering your horse to shows and schooling venues 

  • Clinic and show fees 

How long should my horse be in training with Chelsea?

  • The length of time your horse is in training with Chelsea depends on your horse's needs. At a minimum, two months is recommended in order to establish a good foundation. 

How much does training board cost?

  • Training board is $2,300 per month. 

Can I take lessons while my horse is in training?

  • Absolutely! Training sessions can either be Chelsea working with your horse or Chelsea giving you a lesson with your horse.

Should I send my horse to Chelsea when she’s in Maine or Florida?

  • That is dependent on your schedule and ability to send your horse to either Maine or Florida. It also depends on how many open training spots are available at either location. Chelsea can help you decide which option is best for you and your horse. 


Is there a place for owners to stay when visiting their horse in training?

  • In Maine, there isn't a place to stay on the farm, but owners are welcome to stay in their trailers. There are also local hotels and Airbnbs near by. 

  • In Florida, there is a place on the farm to stay if you're visiting for a short period. If you plan to visit for an extended period, renting separate accommodations is recommended. 

Training FAQ
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