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feedback from our clients

"Every time I ride, Conn and I both feel like we should send you a THANK YOU! You have changed our relationship, our lives, and our level of happiness. 

He felt the best today that he has ever felt since I got him. His gaits were actually swinging and relaxed. I didn't know that feeling was possible!"

- Kim

"I feel so lucky to train with such an amazing horseman, and I really look up to you. I once thought that I just wanted to be known by winning awards and ribbons but I really want to be known for my partnership with a horse and how to understand them.


You were the one that taught me that. Thank you for everything."

"I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me with Caro. I am so grateful an relieved with how much he has learned from you and matured in such a short time. 

Not only have you helped him, but you saved our relationship. 

- Jholie

"Chelsea is fantastic! Her clients and barn staff adore her! Chelsea is unique in that, she is a gifted trainer with both equines and their humans! Horses come first. She helps people see things from the horses perspective, which is refreshing in this industry."

- Morgan

"Chelsea has been instrumental to my journey as a horseman and has completely changed a relationship with a horse that I thought was broken beyond repair.


There are very few trainers out there like her. Whether you're looking to get to the next level of competition, improve your relationship with your horse, increase your confidence, or just learn more from someone who truly understands how humans and horses think... Chelsea is the person to call. My horse is in training with her and I trust her implicitly."

- Caroline

"There was a period of time when I was stuck mentally and didn't know what else to do with my horse. Our rides were stressful and probably very unfair to him. I cried EVERY TIME I rode him. 

I thought about selling him many times, thinking I was the wrong person for him. Now, his work is calm and not stressful, and he runs up to me in the field, ready to work. 

Thank you!"

- Morgan P.

From a client whose horse demonstrated severe anxiety about mounting:

"Cruz walked away from the mounting block on his own with me on his back, simply holding the buckle. We just hung out with me sitting on his back. It was amazing. 

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this achievement. He was so relaxed, he just kept hanging his head down to the point where he even picked up a grain bucket and was playing with it like a toy :)" 

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