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a fresh approach to training the performance horse and rider


ABOUT chelsea

Chelsea brings a unique approach to training the equine and human athlete through a foundational understanding of horse and rider psychology and performance. 

For the Horse

As an upper level event rider with a vast knowledge of horse behavior and natural horsemanship, Chelsea is able to identify and develop the potential in a horse with empathy, patience, and understanding. Her philosophy with every ride is "reward the try and celebrate even 1% better". 

For the Rider

Meditation and mental performance have been pillars of Chelsea's career with horses and previously, as a social worker. This allows her to connect with riders who struggle with nerves, fear, staying present, or those who are just looking to reconnect with their goals.  

Chelsea is currently based in Wales, Maine and is helping connect riders in Area 1 to the bustling world of upper level eventing through her network of fellow professional riders, clinic opportunities, and her new home base at Unexpected Farm.

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“Chelsea combines her knowledge of competition, horsemanship and mindfulness in a unique way. Chelsea is a constant learner, which I love.  She has super feel. She finds a great balance between understanding the demands of competition and knowing when to back off to give the horse more time.  Chelsea has a truly unique and powerful approach to teaching. The best reference I could give her is that I would love her to teach my own son when he is ready.

In addition to Chelsea’s teaching ability there is also her new farm. Which is gorgeous. I have no doubt it will quickly become a destination facility for students from all over the North East. A place to learn, to host clinics, and for people to not only become better riders, but to become the best versions of themselves.” - Tik Maynard, international level event rider, trainer, author and clinician

"I first met Chelsea last year when she came to take some lessons on my older Grand Prix horse. For most riders, even very good riders, there is a bit of a learning curve of how to ride him and manage his very big gaits. Before we started our first lesson, I warned Chelsea of this and encouraged her to not feel badly if it took her a few rides to figure him out. She went on to do a beautiful job with him... honestly the best I have seen anyone their first time with him, and subsequently came back for a few more lessons each more magical than the last with her super combination of a very good seat, well timed aids and a kindness and confidence that I believe all horses feed off of but is so rare to see in riders these days. 

The next time I saw Chelsea was at Equine Affaire when she brought her lovely young gelding with a difficult past for one of the clinics I was doing for young horses. She did an exemplary job and even did a bit of fun ground work with him after the clinic was over, having him lay down in front of the crowd. They were truly a delight to have as an example of a well started, well rounded young horse with a good basic foundation in dressage. 

My most recent interaction with Chelsea was when she took on a talented but challenging dressage horse I had in training for a few months. After much discussion with his owner I felt confident that Chelsea would be an excellent option for helping him to become more comfortable in his own skin. Chelsea has done a commendable job helping him to become a much more confident horse all around and did a super job re-starting him with all of his quirks and idiosyncrasies."-Liz Austin, Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer, Two-time National Champion (Brentina Cup), Long Listed for 2010 World Equestrian Games


The best reference I could give her is that I would love her to teach my own son when he is ready. - Tik Maynard

"Chelsea has a "magic sauce" of perspectives and specialties that give her a unique edge as a trainer to both horses and humans. She has spent years looking to deeply understand the horse's way of thinking which allows her to tap into the horse's own motivation and strength to achieve the goal you're after. While not all riders make excellent coaches too, Chelsea certainly is. She has given me confidence to get back into the saddle after time off in a way that feels progressive, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time." - Caroline Culbertson, Editor-in-Chief, Host of Equestrian Voices podcast

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a trainer for themselves or their horse to work with Chelsea without hesitation." - Ashley Madison

"Over the last few years, I have taught clinics regularly at the facility where Chelsea has operated her training business and have always been impressed with her as a trainer, rider, instructor, and professional.  Her students often participate in the clinics and are always polite, effective, kind to their horses, and willing to learn.  Chelsea has a wonderful gift for connecting with horses of all ages, breeds, and levels of training, and for utilizing her knowledge across multiple disciplines to communicate with them effectively.


She is kind to her horses, and they are always fit, happy, confident, and engaged in their work. The barn community is positive and supportive, no doubt a testament to Chelsea’s leadership. It is always nice to see professionals who are passionate and talented who also understand the importance of continuing education - Chelsea routinely solicits training for herself from respected individuals in dressage, natural horsemanship, and eventing to continue to improve and perfect her craft.  I would encourage anyone who is looking for a trainer for themselves or their horse to work with Chelsea without hesitation." - Ashley Madison, USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist


go slowly and learn from the ground up.


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