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Listen to Chelsea's Episode of the Equestrian Voices Podcast!

Riders with baggage, gather 'round!

Host Caroline Culbertson sits down Chelsea to discuss how the past several months of working with Caroline's hot, sensitive horse have unearthed some old, unproductive ways of thinking about riding, training, and progress.

In this chat, they discuss:

- How Chelsea's background informs how she works with horses and how she approached Caroline's roadblock - What training horses has to do with meditation, social work, and Buddhism (?!) - How sometimes, being successful (or unsuccessful) with certain horses has little to do with your skill - The challenge of "doing nothing" with a sensitive horse - Why getting off the horse is not a failure, it's a strategy (and other old ways of thinking we need to let go of)

This episode is a great listen for anyone who has ever wanted to ask for help but felt worried, or struggled with a horse they felt they had no business on, or anyone who has ever felt hopelessly "stuck" in training with their horse. So, probably 95% of us. Enjoy.


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